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Tara Dutta

1 Scenes
  • Black
  • Twenties
  • Oh Yes!
  • Petite
  • Oval
  • Natural
  • Small
  • Tasty
  • June 15
  • N/A
  • Mixed
  • Brown
  • N/A
  • 5"5"
  • 31C-29-34
  • 3

About Tara Dutta

Just look at that tattoo on Tara's back. Legend goes that you can never understand the tattoo fully, because she will fuck you so smoothly that even before you have figured out what that tattoo is, you would have cum! Tara is a girl, who loves fucking in the outdoors. So, how can we deny her that pleasure? Watch this sexy, tattooed girl fuck in the open skies under the trees and near the bushes. Oh, these Filmy Fantasy stars are simply so irresistible, you will want to cum again and again!

Fun Fact: She's a tattoo freak!

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